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9' 7' 2'

TYPE: Full Panel





Pre Laminated Particle Board




  • kalossi






Rs. 71,967

Drawer 3
Hanger 3
Shelves 6



Wardrobe Pricing Guide

So how much will it cost? What’s the difference, why is it cheap or costly. The most common questions that hit your mind when you’re buying a wardrobe. Check the points listed below to get answers to all your questions.


  • Height X Width (Co-related to price)

  • Depth (18 inches/24 inches) - Double check what you’re getting

  • Size and cost of the wardrobe are co-related to each other. As the size increases, the price of the wardrobe also increases. However, the price variations you usually see in the market could be because of the depth of the wardrobe. Most of the furniture makers manufacture the wardrobes at 18 inches depth to cut down the cost of the wardrobe. However, it’s advisable to have the wardrobes with a depth of 24 inches, as you get more space for your things, and the wardrobe also looks more elegant. However, 18 inches could be the best option if you have more shelves and less drawers and hangers. It’s always advisable to double check what the depth of the wardrobe is before you buy it, to have a comparison of prices.


  • Full panel (easy to make – cost effective)

  • Full panel with external drawers (More space & units – so more costly)

  • Height X Width (Co-related to price)

  • Depth (18 inches/24 inches) - Double check what you’re getting

  • Wardrobe door types play a significant role in determining the price of the wardrobe for the same dimension and depth. For instance, a 6 feet width and 7 feet height particle board wardrobe costs around Rs. 24,747, while the sliding door costs Rs. 33,985. The around Rs 10,000 difference for the sliding door is because it requires lot of hardware mechanisms like rails, wheels and channels which add additional cost to wardrobe. Also, in the sliding door wardrobe the material waste is higher than a full panel. However, the sliding doors look more elegant and stylish than full panels.


  • Shelves, 4/6/8 inch drawers, hangers, hinges, mirrors, handles, show shelves, sliding shelves, shirt hangers, cloak hangers (These things play a crucial role in the price of the wardrobe) - Customize according to your budget and requirements

  • Customize the interiors and hardware exactly the way you want it, by paying for exactly what you want. Buying a readymade wardrobe from anyone is not so advisable if you’re unable to customize the interiors and hardware, because you end up paying extra money for things that you do not require and also it may not fit your requirement. For instance, you require an 8 inch drawer which costs roughly Rs. 2,310 (plywood), in the same 8 inch space. If you go for two 4 inch drawers, the cost of the drawers will double as two 4 inch drawers cost roughly Rs. 3,880 (plywood), because two drawers will need to have 2 handles, two pulley mechanism hardware and also result in more material wastage.


Particle board (Cost effective), MDF (Economical & durable), Plywood (costly)

  • PARTICLE BOARD : This comprises of wood chips glued together and pressed to form sheets. It bends well because it has low density and weight, so it can be used well when making long panels for wardrobe doors spanning nine-feet. If you use it correctly the overall furnishing cost can be greatly reduced as the price of this material is cheap when compared to MDF and plywood. This is a good low cost option for wardrobes and other furniture that is not exposed to a lot of moisture.

  • MDF : Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood pulp, made by breaking down real wood remnants into wood fibres. It is then glued using special resin and by applying high pressure and temperature. It is cheaper than plywood and it’s a good option to particle board as it is stronger and more durable than particle board. Its surface is so smooth that knots will not develop and it is ideal for painting and other flat furnishing products. This is ideal for wardrobe shutters. Being consistent, its edges remain smooth without any splinters or voids.

  • BOILING WATER PROOF PLYWOOD : This is the costliest of all the above materials and it has high resistance to water exposure, in fact much better than solid wood. This is highly durable and can withstand severe temperatures. It is also Borer and Termite-free. If your wardrobes are used roughly and exposed to moisture, plywood is the best option. However, since wardrobes are not normally exposed to moisture or water, MDF would be a good choice for a wardrobe shutter while the body can be of plywood or particle board.


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